A green Spartan II
  • The new CQB Model from mega bloks
  • Hayabusa armour
  • The MK2 Master chief armour

The Spartan (Demon)Edit

The Spartan is a warrior feared by most of the covenant. These highly trained soldiers are widely feared and very skilled in combat, The Spartans can use any weapon and most vehicles available, from the covenant beam rifle to UNSC rocket launchers.

Appearance Edit

The Spartan is covered head to toe in armour, there are different types of Spartans and many of you who have played halo games will know of them, again mega bloks only has a few different variants at this time but if you don't know them here is a list:

Hayabusa - "The one that looks like a ninja"

C.Q.B - "Close quarters battle armour"

Mark V - "The one who looks like master chief"

E.V.A. - "The one with the big visor"

As you can see not all Spartans are the same but they all come equipped with there own special capabilities


  • Hornet

  • Warthog

  • Scorpon

  • UNSC Guasshog vs Covenant Locust
  • Mongoose
  • Rocket Warthog
  • Pelican Dropship
  • Brute Prowler